CARBOTAINER S.L. has implemented a quality system for the production of its cylinders and for its own inspection service, which is periodically audited by AENOR.

This system ensures customers that the company's Quality policies meet the most demanding criteria of leading companies in Europe.

The CARBOTAINER Management assumes the Commitment to the Quality and Prevention of air pollution in its activity of "Manufacture of transportable pressure equipment" according to 2010/35 / EU (TPED), as well as the responsibility, supervision and control of the Management System, to achieve:

  • The satisfaction of our customers.
  • Compliance with applicable regulations and laws.
  • Continuous improvement in the business.

Through its different departments, Carbotainer maintains a customized relationship with its customers, to pay attention to their needs and answer any technical questions that may arise.

To achieve the best business results, the Management places great importance to PREVENTING ALL NON-CONFORMING PRODUCTS and eliminating their causes by adopting corrective and preventive measures. To carry out this commitment, developing a Management System is considered essential.

For implementation, effectiveness and continuous improvement of the Management System, the CARBOTAINER Management supplies all the necessary human, technical, technological and financial resources to ALL OUR EMPLOYEES and considers their support essential. Each of them is responsible for the quality of their work, for the correct environmental behaviour and is committed to the success of this policy.



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